You Out Loud: Ongoing

Experience who you really are
Uncover your deepest voice and feel it in your bones: open up, share yourself and finally let what you have inside be expressed with boldness and grace.

“You, Out Loud: Ongoing” is a group experience facilitated by Nico Olivieri, based on aliveness, creativity, love and exploration.
It’s a journey of self-discovery through meaningful action. We’ll uncover the true source of your clarity, purpose and impact.

We’ll connect deeply with who you really are and we will let that inspire your work, your interactions and the results you’ll create.

You Out Loud is an experience that will gently transform you in ways you cannot imagine. The shared experience offers a depth of understanding about living life that I did not know was available. Because of the way we interacted with each other in the group through activities and collaborative work/conversations, we were able to share the inner journey with others. That experience made it truly come alive and transform me.

Katherine Haghighi

YOL participant, writer and speaker

You, Out Loud: Ongoing is a loving and inspiring community built to harness and unleash who you really are, turning your desire to share what you have inside into positive impact.

We’ll uncover how much deeper, richer and full of possibilities life becomes when you navigate it with the freedom to truly follow your wisdom.

You Out Loud helps us all find our voice and embrace our curiosity as we fulfill our creative vision with joy and ease. Nico sees our gifts and encourages us in ways that lead us to realizing our dreams beyond what we even imagine, and the group brings support, accountability, and a sense of connection. This is deeply transformative in the most fun and invigorating way.

Devin Lafferty

YOL participant, founder of Creativ-Sense

The true transformative power of You Out Loud: Ongoing comes from giving you access to a space designed to support you in finding clarity and moving forward in life with boldness and grace.

You’ll discover that the capacity of creating meaningful results in the world and your own personal journey of self-discovery are tightly related.

We will go on a deep exploration of the 4 pillars of what being you, out loud, is really about:


Listening: this is the first, fundamental step. We’ll learn how to find our deepest, truest voice and how to connect with it to know what’s right for us in any moment.

Speaking: once you know who you really are, it’s time to learn to be comfortable with it. And being able to embrace and trust what you are truly drawn to.

Harmonising: you’re not in this alone. Speaking your voice out loud is useless if you’re not going to leave your room. Harmonising is all about engaging and impacting the people & things around you.

Showtime: where the rubber meets the road. Y.O.L.O. is a “real-life”, practical programme and with Showtime we see how it all comes together to create real change and meaningful results in your life.

How it works

The self-paced programme

When you join You Out Loud: Ongoing you also gain immediate access to the YOL self-paced programme:


loaded with video lessons, weekly practices to apply the insights from the lessons in your life, transformative coaching calls and interviews with artists, coaches and change makers, as well as extra videos, e-books and more to complement your exploration.

Video lessons

(2,5+ hours of content) exploring the 4 pillars in depth to open up a whole new relationship with creativity, self-expression and positive impact.

Coaching call recordings

(12+ hours of content) to go even deeper in the exploration of what being yourself out loud means and to learn from the stories of the participants and witness real-time coaching.

Special guest interviews

(8 hours of content) to see the very practical implications of how the universal principles behind self expression, creativity and impact apply to all walks of life.

The guests: Will Gurley, Sarah Kostin, Nikon Gormley, Doreen Calderon, Marnix Pauwels, Magdalena Golebwioska, Vincenzo Crea, JJ Hill, Mer Monson.

The self-paced YOL programme is a fundamental part of the exploration. It’s a way to move into a different, profound and impactful conversation about a whole new way of being fully alive and present in the world. It will provide you with prompts, ideas and insights that will make sure you’ll get the most from your real-time, 6-months membership in the YOLO Community.

The YOLO Live Community

This is it. This will be the heart of your YOLO experience. Here’s how it works:

Monthly Coaching Calls

This will soon become something you’ll look forward to each month! We will get together on Zoom and dive straight into the experience of a more creative, impactful life.

The feeling of these calls is what makes You Out Loud Ongoing such a unique experience. You’ll immerse yourself in a space that is inspiring and safe, disruptive and encouraging to support you in stepping beyond yourself and into the unknown.

These calls are not webinars to talk about theory, but fertile spaces to see something new with your own eyes and connect more deeply with other fellow explorers. You can be coached, learn from other people’s stories, explore fundamental themes in a whole new way and get in the game with breakout rooms.

Monthly Interviews and Masterclasses

Each month I’ll curate and facilitate the opportunity for all of us to learn and engage with artists, athletes, changemakers, authors and coaches who will help us see what self-expression, creativity and impact look like in “real life”.

Again, the variety of voices and the practical, interactive nature of these moments make up yet another key feature of YOLO.

The Private Facebook Group

This is the home of the community. A space of aliveness and honesty. A place to share and learn. Be supported and challenged.

Every single former participant in the programme mentioned how the deep connections created with fellow members became an invaluable part of their journey. The FB group is a powerful weapon, make good use of it!

This is also where I will share with you quick prompts, ideas, challenges and resources that I believe will support you in deepening your embodied understanding of each pillar.

I'll be your coach for 6 months

You’ll be able to count on me.

I’ll do my best to support you, answer your questions and coach you along the way. You can access me via the FB group at any time throughout the programme as well as with private messages.

My ambition with YOLO is to provide the transformative power of a group experience with the level of trust and depth of an individual journey. I’ll do my best and I’ll be there for you. Count on me!

“You Out Loud is about getting in touch with yourself at a deeper level deliberately. Moving beyond your worries and fears that slow you down.”

Allison Pettengill

YOL participant, Lady of Castle Nitor

Exploring new possibilities:


What’s ready to emerge from you?

What would it mean to embrace your truth in such a way that “your flavour” would shine through in all you do?

What if your best didn’t come from willpower and effort but from clarity of mind?

What if you could move forward with solid ground beneath your feet, rather than quicksand?

What if you could easily know and recognise what’s right for you step after step?

What if you could trust your inner knowing? What if you could always know what to do?

What if you could access a hidden compass to guide you and show the way regardless of the circumstances in your life?

And lastly, in the words of my friend, amazing coach and YOL Special Guest Nikon J Gormley:


“What if it’s really about living a life that is so beautifully rich, loving, kind and tasty that even the MOST ordinary day was worth existing for?”

You Out Loud helps you learn how to have the clarity of mind to create any project or goal that has meaning for you

Jackie Pantaliano

YOL participant, Thinkergarten leader and author

Apply now to join You Out Loud Ongoing

You Out Loud: Ongoing will officially start in September 2020.

If you feel that this is the programme for you, APPLY NOW to take advantage of the launch offer.

Simply fill in your name and email address here below, I (Nico) will get directly in touch with you with a few questions and together we’ll make sure this is the right fit.


Upon approval, this is what you’ll get as part of the launch offer:


  • immediate access to the YOL self-paced programme,
  • a bonus individual coaching session with Nico,
  • a place in the group with a 6-month membership starting from September,
  • Special launch price: €700!

On working with Nico:

“Nico is a gentle, deep, spacious and loving breath of fresh air. Any time you get to be in his presence, you are guaranteed to settle down in your bones, come face to face with your own wisdom and fall back in love with the beauty of being alive. And when that happens, there’s no telling what’s possible.”

Mer Monson

Transformative Coach

“What became possible for me, in the end, is the opportunity to truly see myself. To see and feel beyond what I thought was me. To know that it’s all there. And to discover that I don’t need anything else to be in flow.”

Matteo Gatto

Business Developer, Writer

Nico’s coaching is like giving someone a white book to write their story freely and unintrusively. He gives you the space to come up with those invaluable insights that you have inside, those insights that are impossible for us to see because of the noise of the world. His coaching serves as a reminder to slow down and smell a rose. Because this is all most of us need. I don’t believe in fixed qualities and I never use the word ‘talent’. But with this guy… it’s tempting to say that he’s got something unique, a gift given only to him for a reason.

Angelos Georgakis

Coach, Mind-body health consultant

I have enjoyed the coaching sessions with Nico very much. He knows how to create an atmosphere of trust in the shortest possible time. So I was able to open up easily and deep insights were possible. His ability to listen deeply is extraordinary. Even though I was actually already satisfied with the results, he kept at it and helped me to gain even more insights. Being together with him was characterized by joy and lightness.

Gabriella Bortis

Yoga and meditation teacher

Great experience and a lot of improvement in my life. Suddenly, talking with Nico I found what truly matters to me: enjoy my present, every second. In that moment , something “clicked” in my brain and I finally understood what I was looking for.

Renato Arquati

Project Manager

Meet your coach:

Nico Olivieri

I’ve been fascinated by the idea of doing things “my way” ever since I was a child. My love relationship with creativity started around the same time: some flirting and exploring here and there which quite quickly turned into mad love.

As I kept playing the game of self-expression, life surprised me by allowing me to create and be involved in some “impossible” things: from publishing a record and tour the country with my band to starting an association and to bring a new law proposal to the Italian Parliament.

The more I stayed in that game, the more I deepened my understanding of the creative process in all areas of life. I had the blessing to travel and to live in three different European countries. I encountered marvellous people and took part in adventures I’ll never forget, including starting a variety of businesses: from a catering company which worked for the TEDx conference and the Italian Consulate in Amsterdam, to winning best food start-up of Ireland with my international health brand in Dublin.

A few years ago I stumbled upon an understanding of the mind and the human experience which helped me connect the dots and put words around something I had intuitively sensed throughout my previous experiences.  This radically transformed my experience of being alive. Things became effortless, richer and more vibrant. That’s when I started the journey that led me to become a certified Transformative Coach in Michael Neill’s Academy and be mentored by some of the best coaches around the world.

Now I help my clients have a deeper experience of who they really are, find a solid ground under their feet and finally express themselves in the world with boldness and grace. What excites me most is to witness people unleashing their full potential and finally creating what wanted to emerge from them all along.

Uncover your deepest voice and share it with the world


Apply now and Nico will get back to you shortly with a few questions to make sure this is the right programme for you.

Upon approval, you’ll get immediate access to You Out Loud self-paced programme, a bonus coaching call with Nico and secure your 6-month membership starting from September at the special launch price of €700